Comments: This premium lodge offers one of Argentina’s best spots for hunting Red Deer along with almost a docen big game species. A meeting place of endless Calden woods, green plains, hilly terrain and rich fauna. A mix that assures unique scenery for a truly wild hunting experience maximizing the chances of facing monster Red Deer stags.

Accommodations: premium lodge with 4 stars class. double based suite rooms with private bathroom. Direct TV. Air conditioner. wi-fi internet. Cellphone signal. Very good food & beverage plus premium wine all inclusive.

Species & Options: Red deer, water buffalo, wild boar, scottish, dorset and multi horned ram, blackbucks antelope, feral goat, axis deer, mouflon. Doves & pigeons wingshooting options.

Ranch size: 55,000 acres of free range & 4,500 acres Preserve.