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Red Stag trophy


Stalking roaring Red deer Stags in the vastness of endless free range areas; medal class trophy Fallow deer, challenging water buffaloes in deep brush, blind hunting huge boars during night, stalk Axis deer on hilly terrain, long shots on plains Blackbuck antelope or Mouflon rams plus more. Bowhunting in Argentina is managed by experienced bowhunters. That's why we can offer THE BEST full guided bowhunting services through specially selected operations. Fair chase bowhunting like no other place. 

You have got to the right spot if you are looking for a truly bowhunting adventure. BHA will set the bar for your future bowhunts.

Red Stag trophy

Ranch size: 80,000 acres of free range & 4,500 acres Preserve.
Land Type: 80% woods, 20% plains, 100% fair chase free range. 

Type of Hunting: spot & stalk +  blinds. 
Species: Red deer, water buffalo, blackbuck, wild boars, rams, fallow deer, wild goats.

Red Stag trophy

Specialized bowhunting guides. More than 12 Big Game species covering all skill levels.
Free range fair chase.  Several selected Ranches. La Pampa woods, Buenos Aires plains, Andes mountains. 
Check our picture gallery, our happy clients speak for us!! 

Truly fair chase hunters developing a bow friendly network offering premium bow hunting services in Argentina. From Buenos Aires' plains, along La Pampa's endless woods up to the southern Mountains terrain. several spots, several species... Red deer Stag,  wild boar, water buffalo, Axis deer, Blackbuck antelope, Fallow deer, Mouflon, multi horned Rams, plus other free range exotics trophies...


Truly fair chase bow hunters offering premium bow hunting services in Argentina
We can provide past clients references in USA and EU.

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Bowhunting in Argentina provides premium Big Game bow hunting in Argentina. Stalking Red deer Stags in rut, bow hunts for free range Fallow deer, chase massive Water Buffalos bulls, stalk the elusive Axis deer, Mouflons, plus other exotics.
Premium Bowhunting in Argentina run by bow hunters.

Everyone at Bowhunting in Argentina  will go the extra mile to assure every archer gets a truly premium hunting experience. Excellent accommodations, premium services, premium wines, beer and open bar; all ground transfers; pro guides & trackers; meeting and assistance at airports. We, the owners, will receive you personally, providing the resources and experience to make your stay, a great hunting vacation. 

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