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Buenos Aires plains - Axis, Blackbuck, wild boar and more.

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Unique "hidden gem" hunting spot recently opened for hunting and not for hunting in general but for bowhunters only !!

A very good spot & stalk hunt near Buenos Aires. A place that assures an excellent hunting experience. We recommend to bring extra arrows cause game is abundant. Huge axis bucks, water buffalo herds, rams, wild goats, plenty of wild boar easily spotted during daylight.

Accommodations: Nice 3 stars class Estancia. Lodge with maid & cooker service. Direct TV. Cellphone signal. Very good food & beverage plus premium wine all inclusive. Laundry. Lovely fireplace.

Species & Options: Axis deer, water buffalo, wild boar, scottish, dorset and multi horned ram, feral goat. Also bow fishing and varmint hunting plus doves wingshooting options.

Ranch size: +9,000 acres of free range. Land Type: 20% woods, 50% plains, 30% marshlands, 100% fair chase free range. Rooms type: Double based suite rooms with private bathroom. Type of Hunting: spot & stalk.

“ I have so much appreciation for all here at Argentina. The hunt , the guides, the staff and the accommodations are all absolutely wonderful to me. My sincere thanks to Santiago and his wife." Kito Charles Mock, USA.

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