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Mendoza adventure. Red stag, fallow and wild boar on hilly terrain.

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

We are proud to offer a hunting program on one of the best Red Stag preserves in South America.

This family owned hunting ranch is one of the biggest and oldest working ranches in this part of the country. Its 150.000 acres property that goes from the Uco Valley all the way to the highest peaks of the Andes right in the border with Chile. The ranch has as amazing views of the Uco Valley where some of the best winery of the Argentina are located. Also some of the highest peaks in the American Continent are within the ranch boundaries with a couple over 20.000 ft. The views are stunning! The lodge sit among vineyards on the valley and a 30 min ride puts you right into the hunting grounds. This spot is located at 85 Kilometers (50 miles) south of the Mendoza city airport.

Owned by one of the oldest families in Mendoza, your hosts have been breeding and managing red stag herds for the last 20 years. By inter breeding local stock with some of the very best bloodlines from Europe and New Zealand, they have today some of the biggest and healthiest herds in the country.

A beautiful boutique lodge located right in the middle of a vineyard, only 10 minutes from the ranch serve as out main base were guest stay during the hunt. Also up in the mountains we have a high-end camp were hunters usually lunch, nap and even overnight is necessary.

Accommodations: Nice 5 stars class with maid & cooker service. Very good food & beverage plus premium wine all inclusive. Laundry. Direct TV. Cellphone signal.

Species & Options: Red deer Stag, Fallow deer and wild boar.

Ranch size: 12,000 acres preserve in a 150.000 acres property.

Land Type: 80% low hilly terrain, 20% plains, 100% fair chase hunting.

Type of Hunting: spot & stalk + different type of blinds.

Thank you for a great hunt and overall experience. The staff was excellent. Food unforgettable!! Rick and I hunted various places thru the world and this ranks right up there as excellent! We hope to see you again and if you are in America come see us!! " Rick & Bonnie Valdez - Payson, UT.

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