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La Pampa endless woods. Red Stag close encounters, Blackbuck, Buffalo, Fallow and 10 more options.

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

+80,000 acres with roaring stags. World class challenge for demanding bowhunters!!!

This premium lodge offers one of Argentina’s best spots for hunting Red Deer along with almost a dozen big game species. A meeting place of endless Calden woods, green plains, hilly terrain and rich fauna. A mix that assures unique scenery for a truly wild hunting experience maximizing the chances of facing monster Red Deer stags.

Accommodations: premium lodge with 4 stars class. double based suite rooms with private bathroom. Direct TV. Air conditioner. wi-fi internet. Cellphone signal. Very good food & beverage plus premium wine all inclusive.

Species & Options: Red deer stag, water buffalo, blackbuck antelope, fallow deer, axis deer, European mouflon, hybrid mouflon, wild boar, multi horned ram, Scottish black face ram, wild goats plus wingshooting options.

Ranch size: +80,000 acres of free range & 4,500 acres Preserve. Land Type: 80% woods, 20% plains, 100% fair chase free range. Rooms type: Double based suite rooms with private bathroom. Type of Hunting: spot & stalk + different type of blinds.

What an awesome place and trip! Great food & wine, excellent accommodations, and tremendous Big Game Hunting, but more important - Great people and new friends! Thanks so much! " Tom Cunningham - Downers Grove, IL.

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